The Abramoff Contribution Plan: Not too impressive

So, who got all that money Jack was spreading around???

Democratic Senate Campaign Committee: $423,480

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: $354,700

Republican Congressional Campaign Committee:  $498,000

Republican Senate Campaign Committee:  $436,500

Looks like a pretty balanced contribution plan to me.

You can see a pretty good report at Capital Eye.

But, to really move the legislation, you have to get the committee members on the team.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs–

Chairman McCain:  $10,000
Vice Chair Dorgan: $28,000*

Inouye: $6,000
Conrad $4,000*
Akaka $0
Johnson $7,250
Cantwell $10,000

Domenici $5,350
Thomas $7,000
Smith $12,500
Murkowski $5,000
Crapo $0
Burr $0
Coburn $0

Dem Total: $55,250
Rep Total:  $39,850

Lets take a look at another Senate Committee, the Senate Commerce Committee.

Chairman Ted “Build That Bridge” Stevens received $10,750 from Verizon.

At the same time he received $16,000 from Sprint/Nextel.

And still took in $30,000 from AT&T.

Now, as we all may or may not know, these three companies have divergent interests.  They all want something a little different legislatively.

But notice, how the telcoms spread more money around on a committee chair than Abramoff.

The grand total of Abramoff money floating around D.C.–$4,434,761 from 1999-2006– is easily surpassed by what the entertainment industry has spread around D.C. for the 2006 cycle– $5,601,919.

In 2004 alone, the entertainment industry dropped $32,200,087 on Federal candidates and campaign committees.

So, if it is pretty common for one company to drop $10k+ on a committee chairman, and Hollywood will give more in two years than Abramoff does in 6, why is this guy being singled out as the epitome of all that is wrong with D.C.?

But just to make a point, lets look at the Telcos again.

Verizon $1,611,065–just to committees.
Sprint $308,100–just to committees.
SBC $1,141,024–just to committees.

Or, lets look at the Verizon Communication Good Government Club.

I didn’t take the time to do the math, but it looks like they got to 7 figures pretty fast.

So, Abramoff was just one fish in an ocean of lobbyists.  His $4,000,000 is just one bucket in that ocean.  So, why is he the poster boy for the ‘Culture of Corruption?’

*Press reports indicate higher amount.


One Response to “The Abramoff Contribution Plan: Not too impressive”

  1. Richard Stefan Says:

    Why is he the posterboy? Because of all the other stuff he pulled including phony charities, paying wives of congressman, kickbacks from Scanlon and possibly ordering a hit on his business partners.

    BTW – That list is VERY incomplete. Jack had plenty of sleezy clients besides the casinos. The Marianna Islands stuff is just as corrupt and I don’t see those totals in this report.

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