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Why are Steroids Illegal?

March 31, 2006

In the spirit of the new MLB inquiry I am asking a very simple question:

Why are steroids illegal?

No one really seems to know.

More specifically, why is it a federal crime for me to obtain steroids with a doctors prescription for cosmetic purposes?

Steroids were legal with a physicans prescription until the 1980s.  When, for a reasons known only by the NCAA and NFL, they were deemed illegal.

If the NFL, MLB, NCAA and IOC want to ban steroids among their competitors, fine.

The MLB can ban the spit ball, the NBA says players can't stand in the key for more than three seconds and the NCAA says athletes have to make academic progress to maintain eligibility, but they are not Federal Crimes.

Why can't I go to a physician who specializes in sports medicine, get a prescription for Anavar or Decca Durabolin, get the scrip filled at Walgreens and have the physician monitor my health and usage?

Because its cheating?  Cheating against who?  Some other guy in the gym? 

I can go to a plastic surgeon and get lipo suction, implants, lifts or tucks to improve my appearance, but it is a Federal crime for me to take a pill or get an injection that will help me build muscle.

Is lipo suction cheating?  No.  So why the double standard? 

No one seems to know why.

The Pharmaceutical industry is missing out on a big market.

The sports supplement industry is a mega million dollar industry that sells powders and pills that reall don't do anything.

If big Pharm would get steroids legalized, they would take over that market and probably develop anabolics with fewer side effects.

The only reason I do not use steroids is because I don't trust substances sold on the black market and I am not in the mood to be convicted of a Federal crime.

Considering the size of the supplement and fitness industry, big Pharm should take on the NFL, NCAA and John McCain and open up a brand new market of elective pharmaceutical customers.